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Passionate Car Collector Enthusiast

Legacy of Auto Enthusiasts
I come from a family deeply rooted in auto enthusiasm. My grandfather owned an automotive shop, and it was there that both my father and I gained invaluable knowledge about cars. This passion for automobiles runs in our blood. In fact, my very first business venture was a wheel and tire shop located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, where I continued to nurture this lifelong fascination with cars. It’s a heritage of gearheads that has been passed down through the generations.
Video Collection

EV Conversions, Shop Work, Custom Work, and Resto


Seeking project cars to restore and revamp.

We're on the hunt for specific classic gems: a 1966 Lincoln Continental and a 1969 Chevy Camaro, both prime candidates for meticulous restoration. Additionally, our passion extends to environmental consciousness as we're open to any pre-1980 Mercedes-Benz models for a potential gasoline-to-electric conversion project. Your leads and insights on these vehicles are highly appreciated as we embark on these thrilling automotive journeys.

1966 Chevy Camaro
1966 Lincoln Continental
A closeup of the headlight of a silver vintage car under the lights isolated on a grey background