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My E500 was starting to show its age, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. With that in mind, I purchased an E300, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Unlike my previous CLS500 and E500 with V8 engines, this E300 comes with a V6 engine, but it still provides impressive performance and responsiveness.


Why the E300?

My E500 was starting to show its age, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. With that in mind, I purchased an E300, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Unlike my previous CLS500 and E500 with V8 engines, this E300 comes with a V6 engine, but it still provides impressive performance and responsiveness.

The tenth generation of the E-Class sedan delivers stylish highlights with its distinct, emotional design and high-grade interior. At its introduction, the E-Class Sedan marked the world premiere of numerous technical innovations, enabling enhanced comfort, a new level of safe driving, a new dimension in driver assistance, and a new infotainment and control system. A new, optionally available AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension ensures outstanding ride comfort and driving dynamics. The sum total of these innovations makes the E-Class the world’s most intelligent sedan. New for the 2018 model year are the E400 4MATIC Sedan and the most powerful E-Class of all time, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Sedan.

Powerful, coupe-esque design

The E-Class Sedan is sophisticated, confidently stylish, and sporty.

Interior Design

The interior of the E-Class embodies the synthesis of emotion and intelligence.

Sleek and Sporty Design
The E-Class Sedan boasts a confident and athletic design, showcasing a modern twist on the traditional coupe form. It has experienced a growth spurt compared to its predecessor, with an increase of 2.6 inches in wheelbase (115.7 inches from 113.1 inches) and a 1.7-inch increase in overall length (193.8 inches from 192.1 inches). Its silhouette is dominated by iconic Mercedes-Benz sedan proportions, featuring an elongated hood that flows seamlessly into a broad-shouldered rear, creating a captivating profile. The extended body of the vehicle is marked by short overhangs, a lengthy wheelbase, large wheels, and tight, well-defined sides. These elements come together to form a vibrant and stylish interpretation of the characteristic feature line, encapsulating the Mercedes-Benz design ethos of “Sensual Purity.”

The muscular front end accentuates the vehicle’s aspirational status, with distinct designs across various models and equipment lines. The Luxury version is distinguished by the classic Mercedes-Benz radiator grille and a star on the hood, while the Sport models feature a sporty radiator grille crowned with a prominent Mercedes star. Each grille design bestows the E-Class with a unique personality, showcasing a diverse range of options that ensures each model stands out.

At the back, the vehicle’s broad shoulders above the rear wheel arches underline its robust character. The taillights, with their “stardust effect,” add an extra layer of sophistication, a feature made possible by innovative reflector technology and a specially designed surface structure for the lights.

Revolutionized Interior Design
The E-Class’s interior is a harmonious blend of emotion and intelligence, staying true to the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of combining distinct shapes with a sensual flow. The U.S. models come standard with a next-generation high-resolution 12.3-inch central display, setting a new standard in this vehicle segment, and a traditional gauge cluster integrated seamlessly behind the steering wheel.

Optionally, the E-Class can be equipped with two 12.3-inch displays, boasting a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels, which visually combine to create a wide-screen cockpit and underscore the interior’s horizontal emphasis. This digital cockpit includes a large display for the driver and a central display above the center console, all under a common glass cover for a sleek, modern appearance. Drivers can choose between three styles for the instrument cluster: “Classic,” “Sport,” and “Progressive.”

The steering wheel features first-of-its-kind touch-sensitive control buttons (“Touch Control Buttons”), enabling drivers to manage the infotainment system and instrument cluster with simple swiping motions, similar to a smartphone interface. This innovation encourages drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, minimizing distraction.

Additional controls for the infotainment system include a touchpad with handwriting recognition in the center console, and a voice control system, enhancing user-friendliness. For quick access to systems like air-conditioning and various driver assistance features, direct-access buttons are conveniently located on the center stack.

The E-Class also impresses with its intelligent graphic design, high-resolution animations, and simplified logic, all of which contribute to an enhanced infotainment experience. Meanwhile, passengers can enjoy a spacious and elegantly designed interior that perfectly balances luxury and sportiness.

Premium Material Design
The interior style of the E-Class is defined by high-quality materials, including Natural Grain Ash wood and wood featuring “flowing lines.” Meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident throughout, creating a premium look and feel.

Ambient Lighting with 64 Colors
The interior lighting exclusively utilizes durable and energy-efficient LED technology, extending to the enhanced ambient lighting system, which offers a palette of 64 colors for personalized touches throughout the vehicle.

First-Class Seating
The seats in the E-Class Sedan epitomize ergonomic design and sporty elegance, ensuring long-distance comfort that is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. A Warmth and Comfort Package is available, adding heated door armrests, a center console, a steering wheel, and rapid-heating front seats to the list of luxurious amenities. The rear bench seat, with its 40% – 20% – 40% split, adds an extra layer of versatility, including an integrated storage box and pop-out drink holders in the center armrest.

Sporty and Comfortable Suspension
The E-Class offers a suspension that provides both agile handling for winding roads and unrivaled ride comfort in its segment, with two systems featuring selective damping and an option for a lowered suspension.

DYNAMIC SELECT for Custom Driving Modes
The DYNAMIC SELECT switch in the cockpit allows the driver to choose from four driving modes: “Comfort,” “ECO,” “Sport,” and “Sport+,” with an additional “Individual” option for personalized vehicle settings.

The E-Class can also be outfitted with a unique multi-chamber air suspension system at all four corners, offering a three-stage adjustment for suspension firmness. This system ensures a plush base suspension with stable handling at higher speeds. It features all-round self-leveling for consistent ride comfort, even when the vehicle is loaded, and automatically adjusts the ride height based on speed to optimize fuel efficiency. The vehicle’s ground clearance can also be increased at the touch of a button for rough terrain. Additionally, a continuously operating, electronically controlled damping adjustment system automatically adapts damping on each wheel according to driving conditions, ensuring exceptional comfort and dynamic performance.